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Favcode54's project oriented programming aims to create and sustain talent across the 54 countries in Africa, in the area of technology. We aim to reach out to anyone who is passionate and has a good learning culture.


We believe in our coders

For all students and aspiring technologists, you’ll be equipped with the necessary skills that would make you stand out as a software developer or engineer in whatever circle you find yourself in. All students would be well-drilled in the basics of programming and software development and then led by a team of mentors to achieve proficiency in whatever software stack they choose to specialize in.


Renovate the way you design

If you’re looking to train and up the skills of your software team, you can depend on us to deliver a well-nurtured software team back to your organization in no time. So we are calling on all locally based tech companies to tap into the latent tech talent in Africa and support our growing ambition to transform the continent one developer at a time.


Make any layouts you imagine

We teach, we mentor and we outsource home-grown developers and technologists to software companies all over the world. You don’t have to go too far to hire competent developers for your team, as we train and equip top tier tech talents right here in Africa.

How we learn

We already know that online learning is the future, so most of our lessons are taken online :)

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